Learn Hindi (part 8, More Vocabulary)

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What about learning Hindi vocabulary!

That’s pretty important for you to understand and speak it better!

Learn Hindi (part 8, More Vocabulary)

This is the eighth part of my video series on learning Hindi. We come now to more basic vocabulary, such as countries, birds and pronouns. Pronunciation and gender (masc or fem) is stressed and is in IPA. Of course, there is also a revision of difficult IPA symbols. My use of images from Internet is intended to be consistent with US Fair Use laws.

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Learn Speaking Hindi Lesson 5

Hey boys and girls, How have you been?

Some basic words in hindi and how to frame sentence using those basic words!

Learn Speaking Hindi Lesson 5
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Let’s Learn Hindi Vowels

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For you who really need to learn Hindi, down here we got a video class teaching you the vowels, very basic and you must know it by heart!

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Hindi Lesson 1

Hello guys and girls! what’s up? look, I want to show this video class when the teacher teaches us basic expressions in Hindi, enjoy it!

Hindi Lesson 1

That’s it fellows. Hope you guys have learned and enjoyed the tips for learning Hindi.

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I Love Hindi Vol 1

Hello everyone! Today we’ll see a very Hindi class!  It is made simple to learn!

I Love Hindi Vol 1
I love Hindi?  What about yourself?

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