English Vocabulary – Clothes

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Hello again! How are you doing today? We'll learn some good English vocabulary now! Enjoy us in this journey! English Vocabulary - Clothes That's all my folks! See you guys next time! Bye bye! Read more..

Learn English – Irregular Verbs

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Hey you all! You who are looking for a simple way to learn the irregular verbs in English..that's your chance! This video will help students of English learn the past and ... Read more..

Business English – Idioms

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Hello you all! This is a very nice video class where our teacher today shows us how to use some idioms related to business! Hope you like it pretty much! Business English ... Read more..

Learning English As A Second Language

Monday, February 8th, 2010 Posted in English | 15 Comments »

I get a lot of emails every day from language learners all over the world here on the EXLsite…and the large majority of them are learning English as a Second ... Read more..