Free language learning tips, links and advice

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Overview of language learning resources on YouTube and the Internet to help you learn a new language. Let me know if you would like to be linked to this video.

Free language learning tips, links and advice

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No pain, No gain

Vocabulary Secrets Revealed #1

Hey Boys & Girls,

We are creating a new series on learning new vocabulary words when learning a new language. We did a survey at and discovered that vocabulary students face 3 main problems.

The main problem that language students like you face…is that they forget the new vocabulary words very fast.So in this video…you will discover why you forget new words…and just how fast you forget.

So, watch the video to discover the formula

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We also show you how to learn new words…so that you never forget them again. We’ll be releasing a whole new series soon on this topic revealing a powerful system to systematically review words so that you never forget them again. And we will also reveal 2 FREE software programs that automate the whole process for you.

So stay tuned. 😉